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8 Realms of Health and Wellness

Emotional Health and Wellness- How thoughts and emotions are linked together to create relationships with yourself and others and the coping mechanisms we develop.

Nutritional Health and Wellness- Nutrition interacts with our physical and mental wellness. The chemicals (i.e., foods) that we consume interact with our physical body and brain, which in turn affect our emotional health.

Physical Health and Wellness- Exercise and movement for the physical body.

Spiritual Health and Wellness- Finding your purpose and meaning in life. This can be spiritual, energy centered, or religious centered.

Financial Health and Wellness- Your financial satisfaction and feelings of safety, which can lead to positive mental health.

Environmental Health and Wellness- Our work and living environments can help us feel supported and can increase our creative process and our sense of wellbeing.

Social Health and Wellness- Create a sense of belonging to yourself and in your environment by creating support networks and a sense of inclusion.

Intellectual Health and Wellness- The intellectual dimension of wellness encourages informed, knowledgeable and creative thinking.

Leadership Development
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
TypeCoach Personality Coaching

Kara Hirdman, M. Ed.
Between the years of 1994-1998 Kara worked in the Athletic Department at the University of St. Thomas while obtaining her B.A. Degree in Psychology and Communications. After graduation she moved to Caracas, Venezuela where she was an ESL instructor and played  for the Universidad Metropolitana Rugby Team. After 2 years in Venezuela she returned to Minnesota to obtain her Master’s Degree in Education. While studying she worked at the University of Minnesota Athletic Department. Some of her work history includes; Minnesota Public School Teacher, Site Manager for Sylvan Educational Systems, Athletic Director at the MET School in Panama City, Panama, LA Fitness Personal Trainer and Instructor, the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Hamline University Gymnastics Team, Director of Healthy Living at the YMCA and the Health and Wellness Coordinator for the St. Paul Fire Department. Kara is proficient in both English and Spanish.Kara is currently working towards her Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Learning at the University of St. Thomas.
Professional Certifications Educational: Intercultural Leadership, Cultural Lenses, Advancing Equity: Understanding My Biases, Dimensions of Diversity, Certification for PTSD impact on Veterans, YMCA Team Leadership Certification, Principles & Practices, Fiscal Management, Leading Others: Interviewing Guide, Leading Others: Employment Law Fundamentals, Volunteerism, Foundations of Listen First, Principles of Member Health & Wellness.
Health and Wellness: Foundations of Group Exercise, Understanding Diabetes, Lighter U, YMCA Ace Group Fitness, AAAI/ISMA Personal Trainer, Yogafit 200RYT, Healthy Living at the Y, Over 25 Fitness Certifications across all levels.


Krystal Queen
As a multi-racial business woman, Krystal has worked in many different settings from healthcare (Allina Health Systems, Fairview Health Service & Children's Hospitals and Clinics), government (Hennepin & Ramsey County), school districts (Minneapolis Public Schools & Eden Prairie School District) and within public and private companies. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Metropolitan State University and is currently finishing her Master's Degree in Leadership and Management from Concordia University.  She has worked for and changed many company systems including policies, practices and procedures to help develop high performing leaders. She is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Friendship Project, a nonprofit in Minnesota. She is the Vice President of the Eden Prairie Football Association, the Vice President of Eden Prairie Boosters and the Vice President of MPLS Flight Squad. Throughout her career she has taught equity and diversity workshops, tutored and coordinated football study sessions for youth in Eden Prairie, consultant work for organizational develop, strategic planning and leadership development. 
Professional Certifications Educational: Intercultural Leadership, Cultural Lenses, Advancing Equity: Understanding My Biases, Anti-Racism Training Continuum, Housing Choice Specialist Certification, Four Cornerstones to Financial Literacy,  Beyond Diversity: Introduction to Courageous Conversations About Race & A Framework for Deinstitutionalizing Racism and Eliminating Racial Educational Disparities.
Health and Wellness: ACE Group Fitness Certification, Health, Nutritional Health & Wellness, Six Principles to Wellness


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